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Sightseeing in Malaysia is a worthwhile experience. Travel within is easy, safe, comfortable and convenient. You can either travel on your own or through the many travel and tour agencies which can assist in travel plans.

A comprehensive listing of registered travel agents can be obtained from the Tourism Division, Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism (Tel:603-293 7111, Fax:603-291 0591)

The country has a well-developed tourism industry and the numerous inbound tour packages are designed to match travel plans for all budgets and purposes.

On the high end, there is the Malaysia Airlines Golden Holiday packages which cater for first class and business class travellers. The packages to various popular destinations ensure that the traveller gets five-star treatment in accomodation, food and travel arrangements. Visit the MAS Golden Holidays website for more information on their programmes.

For the medium and low budget travellers, there are also special tour packages that have been designed to cater for their needs. These normally provide reasonable accommodation, food and transportation.

There are also tour agencies which cater for special needs in adventure travel or eco-tourism such as mountain climbing, diving, white-water rafting and four-wheel drive adventure tours.

The more popular attractions in Peninsular Malaysia are the city hops, island and beach resort holidays and shopping tours. Adventure tours are normally organised in the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak.

Special tour packages which are best done by pre-arrangement include golfing holidays, diving, nature park excursions and adventure tours.

There is a wide range of tour packages for short and long-term travel and most tour agencies, besides making sure travel arrangements are hassle-free, will attend to particular needs.

Details on these tour packages can be obtained from the nearest Tourism Malaysia office or from the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA: Tel; 603-987 6881, Fax:6 03-987 6889).

Click to search the list of Tours

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