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A billboard in Saudi Arabia, on the Jeddah-Mecca expressway, bidding welcome to Malaysia.

"Man, I must have this on celluloid".

Malaysia is a land of fascinating wonders from its people to an assortment of natural beauties both on land and the sea. Visitors to Malaysia will find that it is a melting pot of diverse races and cultures comprising Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians, Ibans, Kadazans, Bidayuhs, Portuguese, Muruts and other indigenous groups of people, making 'Malaysia Truly Asia'. Together, these people form one Malaysian nation, with each ethnic grouping retaining their respective cultures and traditions. This cultural unity in diversity has given birth to a peaceful co-existence formula known to others as the 'Malaysian Formula' one that has been tested time and again to be durable and everlasting. Malaysians are generally a friendly lot and visitors wishing to find their way around need not worry as the people are more than happy to show the way and are also pretty fluent in English.

There are many sites and interesting locations in Malaysia. Basically an insular country, it has a seemingly unending coastline and pristine beaches. There are also numerous scenic islands in Malaysia's territorial waters. From the large and developed island of Penang to small rock outcrops jutting out from the sea, the country, with its rich marine flora and fauna, has earned a reputation of being a divers' paradise. For land-based adventurers, there are cascading waterfalls and cool evergreen forest and mountains with fascinating panoramic views.

Apart from its natural beauty, Malaysia is also a place where visitors can do value-for-money shopping. There are endless shopping complexes and retail chains offering a wide variety of branded items as well as locally produced handicrafts. As far as food is concerned, Malaysia has much to please the gourmet. Visitors can find an endless variety of cuisines whether in posh air-conditioned restaurants, five-star hotels or at well-organised food courts. The international cuisines make many a visitor feel at home in Malaysia, and there are enough entertainment outlets to make one's stay in Malaysia enjoyable. There are discotheques, pubs, nightclubs, musical lounges, karaokes and cinemas; and for the more serious theatre and philharmonic concerts playing classical music. There is a place for each and every visitor. Selamat Datang Welcome to Malaysia !!!

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